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About Us

Mercntech India Pvt. Ltd. offers all type of IT hardware & software solutions
check out our SERVICES for Computer AMC, IT Services & Printing Labels Consumables.

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Mercntech India Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing IT solutions company based in India. We specialize in supplying all kinds of IT peripherals, consumables and services. We provide a one stop solution to our clients. Our energetic team has provided the best of deals to our customers and deliver high end services. Our mission and vision are equalized by 'COMMITTMENT'. We believe in success and our success lies in 'CUSTOMER SATISFACTION'.

Manufacturers, Developers, Processor, Designer, Assemblers, importers, exporters, dealers, I.T. peripherals, consumables, software programmed products & multimedia applications, computer hardware and other electrical & electronic equipments, instruments, devices spare parts, monitors, point of sale products, maintaining, marketing, selling, acquiring, distributing, software programmes, software products, software tools, web based applications or products, internet or intranet based technologies, installation & service.